A Challenge to you soccer fan.

Ever met some young men in a group discussing a past match? or an upcoming one? or about the teams they support? or about the players in the teams they do support and those that they don’t? Sometimes it’s about politics Or some girls discussing a soap opera tv show? You will be shocked at how much we as young people know about these things.

@youngmindsinnovation we have one main objective, which is to motivate the youth, and everyone else for that matter,  to grow into their own personal greatness.

let’s go through it now, shall we?

We seem to be having a lot of ‘problems’- let’s call them “issues” in our lives and we don’t seem to know exactly what is wrong where. We have no answers to the many questions we ask ourselves. Where is the love? the justice? the perfect opportunity? the money? why things are not working for us? why everything seems to be so hard and it’s exasperating.  why u can’t  pay your bills? why are you are still broke and unemployed?

we know so much about things that we cannot benefit much from, ignoring the things that really matter

My curiosity u cant imagine. I have observed the life of a good friend of mine. A die-hard fan of the blues. This guy knows everything, and I mean it, Everything about this club. It’s history, the games “they” have played, those that “they” will play and how many points they “have” garnered so far in the so many leagues that “they” are involved. He knows the most expensive player and how much he’s worth, how much other countless player are worth and “who” is selling who “where?”, at how much? and so on and so on.

Wait, it could help in “betting”

Do u really think so? The answer is for you young man. I wouldn’t recommend that to someone who has big dreams. Gambling companies are just but sucking you dry. It’s very addictive. I hardly know of someone who has made much with it, I think its mediocre.Don’t gamble with your dreams.

What is this article all about anyway?

This is a challenge to you, whether you are in “politics” or soccer as we’ve discussed. How much are you gaining from what you invest your time in? How much does knowing all that help u as a person, in return? How you spend your time and thought determines what you get in life.The question is, what do you want. I challenge you to know more about yourself, about your world, about God, about your environment, about what helps you in the long-run than what entertains you briefly and suffer for a long time. Learn a new language, explore new ideas, be more creative. Learn a new skill, read a book, try using your left hand to write, learn psychology for more on this. Get an online job, a part-time job, volunteer. Invest in learning new things on a daily basis
Everybody has in Him/Her, what it takes to be a great person. Stay busy, stay focused on your goals.

its cool to know some facts about our hobbies, but we can’t allow ourselves to lose focus either. Insanity, somebody said, is doing the same things (those that we don’t benefit much from) over and over again, expecting different results.
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look alive this 2018

If you wanna rise quickly to success then u have to look alive. like the swalili man once said, “mtaka cha mvunguni, sharti ainame” 

By definition, the adjective Alive means having life, existing being full of energy and spirit. Looking alive simply means we have to be attentive, to be more thorough in our work, to be quick because we don’t have enough time, not enough money, not enough knowledge, not enough exposure not enough of almost everything.

Sense of urgency.

I read a sticker note inside a matatu the other day and it gave me chills. It read, “killing time is killing oneself”. That statement weighs heavily, I personally agree with it 100%. We dont have time to waste, once a second is gone, kalas, that will never come back to you, never again. Just like water cant climb upstream back to its origin. We gonna live our lives with passion, put some drive,some urgency, do all you can do today. Like there is no tomorrow.

If you know that there is a thing you can do today, concerning your achieving of your dream, and you don’t do it, then you have failed as much as that thing is concerned. Procrustination kills dreams, Beware.

Loving challenges.

Challenges helps us grow, develop, through experience. Its the best way designed by nature to help man grow and develop his intellect. Stricken strongly by the wind, a tree shoots more roots to help support itself. It grows strong from experiencing those windy rough moments. Like trees, we shoudn’t let “temporary windy conditions” break us down, instead we should just swing and dance with the wind, learning and stretching our brains, shooting deeper roots to the right. Learn to love challenges for what they are, precious stepping stones on a journey to greatness. Hop from one to the next.

Do you have a plan? “Failing to plan is planning to fail”

I know you have heard this statement a thousand and one times, its a law of life. Like causes produce like effects, input determines output. Without a plan you will not be able to accomplish much. You will be spending your life completely wasting your time. This is the opposite of looking alive. Come up with a plan, like a blueprint on which your life will be built. After going through the data that you have experienced, after mastering your emotions, after doing an accurate self-assessment on yourself, You can become All that you dream of becoming.

If you very well know what you can do to succed, and know how to do it, failure permits no alibis.

NEXT TOPIC: If you aren’t growing, you are decaying.

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Top books u should read for 2018 success

Every young mind should consider downloading and reading these books for they are precious stones.

We at young minds innovation have come up with a list of 8 books that we have ranked in number and we do highly recommend that you check them out.All can be downloaded for free online in pdf form.


Most of the diseases we suffer from originate from our way of thinking.  This book will blow your mind and help you in recovering from illnesses so that you can live a happy and peaceful life. It takes Faith and how we apply the faith as Wallace explains.

7. PROMOTE YOURSELF – Wallace D. Wattles

This book is about creating business and personal success in “the certain” way. It explains how thinking and acting in the Certain way helps an ambitious person make it to success. The short ebook carries honey in its pages and as we all know, honey is sweet!

6.THE 48 LAWS OF POWER-Robert Greene

Crafted and presented in a uniquely beautiful way, the 48 laws of power is a must-read piece. Do you feel weak and powerless? now you know what to do. From establishing relationships to personal development and discipline.


Presented just like a bachelors degree course, with 10 semesters, this book will change your life and your view of success.  I read the first statement and was blown away, and I would like to share it here. It’s a quote by Charles Spurgeon, “Beware of no one more than yourself; we carry our worst enemies within us”.

4. MONEY AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION- Esther and Jerry Hicks.

There is a law of attraction which we all should familiarise ourselves with. In order for us to attract Wealth, health and happiness. You will learn a lot from this book, be ready to be amused.

3. THINK AND GROW RICH – Napoleon Hill

A lot of books have been written on the subject of money, but this is different from all the rest. Hill is no doubt a genius, He did his work with love for humanity and we all should take advantage of that. Afterall its free of charge! like the title dictates, it’s about growing rich, stupid rich guys.


There is a kikuyu saying that goes, andu ni indo (people are wealth). This is no better illustrated elsewhere that in this 213 pages book. Learning how to win people to your way of thinking, influencing them, solving and avoiding conflict and all that pertains human relations. This book has changed my life personally, you should grab it too and be a witness to its “magic”


This book won my heart to rank it as number one on the young minds innovation top 8 books of 2018. It is presented in a very simple language that all of us can understand. There is a giant inside us, which when woken up, will bring us success in many things that we do. Much thanks to A.Robbins for his good job. It is changing lives.

Well, there you have it, Be sure to read these books and suggest more in the comments section here below. Enjoy your ride to success.

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Your desire? a beautiful island?

Life is like sailing in the ocean, and you are riding your ship as the Captain like we discussed last time. in case you missed that be sure to visit  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so7A_3l4D-o&t=99s

We are the masters of our own fate, we are the captains of our own souls. So essentially you are in your boat, Cruising through the ocean, riding to, well, to where? or are we just riding to nowhere? Common sense dictates if you aim at nothing you will hit nothing. We should, therefore, pause at that instance and ask ourselves, where the hell we Going?

Points to grasp.

We need to understand the following if we gonna get anywhere because if you look closely, there is a storm, and we don’t want to capsize.

  • To where are we sailing to?
  • Do we have a compass, what is guiding us?

We also must be willing to face the storm and survive. With the will, and faith and believe that will make it to the other side.If we just rest comfortably, the storm will sweep us, so we have to stay Awake and ready.I’m using figures here, stay focused.

Where are u sailing to? You have to define this in black and white. kinagaubaga.

You are riding to a beautiful island of success. You will be driving your dream car, living in your dream house, your dream job, your dream family, bring us beautiful kids and live a beautiful life. Help those in need, travel around the world, make a lot of money and all that. Write what you desire down on a piece of paper. define your beautiful island, all you can, keep that paper near your bed, somewhere you will be able to see it first thing in the morning.

Get a compass.

Define your values, discipline yourself, have faith, believe that you can, pray, and be willing to make to the shores of your beautiful island.



do you sharpen ur “machette”?

Welcome to young minds innovation, my name is Ben and it’s good to have you here. thank you.

we use different ways of explaining life itself, and the way we as human beings- live it. I love talking to people so I’m gonna share this with you guys. Think of life as “thick bush” and you want to get to the other side of it. Now assume that the only “tool” you have is a machete, which in this case is our brains. Don’t u suppose that for us to make it to the other side we must have a very sharp Machette? To get rid of what is standing in between you and your success.

That’s what we should focus on, young men and women. Just sharpen your brain.How? By learning through experience, reading books, reading the Bible, going to the library, googling, learning to learn and learning a lot of things, anything you can lay your hands on. That’s how your “machete” grows strong and sharp and I tell you it will be able to cut thru this “thick bush” and in no time you will be dancing holding hands with success.

Also be sure to check out the Sharpen your machete video on .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrGDcDSGofM&t=185s

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